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Our Customers' Comments

Hi Clive,

Every instrument I've sent to be repaired/reconditioned/restored has been not as good as they were originally - they're better.

You've fixed them all, from flaking dials, wildly flicking needles, to just plain worn out, dented and broken.

Your care, communications, attention to detail, accurate calibration, prompt and timely work, not to mention patience in dealing with my quest for perfection will always be appreciated.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend your service as peerless value for money.


Richard Kennedy
Hobart, Tasmania.

Hello Clive,

The instruments are wonderful, I can't believe how well they turned
out.  I wasted no time and put them back on the bike immediately, now I
can't wait for the riding season to begin.  My restoration is now complete. 

Thank you so much for fixing them for me.  I will certainly recommend your
service to anyone who could benefit from it.



New York, USA

Dear Clive

As discussed I could not be happier of the fine work you did on the MG TD
instruments. From taking the instruments from what can only be described as
rubbish and turning them into a national concourse winner in 2004 and 2005
is testament to your fine work.

Brisbane, Queensland